Bought the Domain/ Expanding

Here I am again. Your web designer/ travel agent/ gift finder/ fellow blogger… you get it. I have some good news for all of you following my posts seeing the progress of this project/ side hustle/ hobby/ money making machine. I have been really busy with a lot of other tasks and I have actually hired an assistant. So one cool thing that we’ll be adding on here is some content from content writers who provide stories and make the site more interesting. Also there is a feature that we have started that allows people to contact us for gift buying assistance. And last but not least we have secured the domain JAROFTREASURES.COM.

Please let us know if you would like to contribute a travel story for the website. We will credit you and link you your website or blog. And… it will also help us out getting more things out there while we work on other things.


Click here to check it out.

I am excited to announce that I have purchased the domain name It’s going to be a blog that features travel, gifts, and just random stories with affiliate links built in to generate another form of income. I am ready to get on an link this blog over but there are some other things I need to do and buy to get that all going. It shouldn’t be much longer. Go ahead and try the gift assistant feature!

Buying the domain has been interesting. I started out just shopping around and found one that wasn’t too expensive for a years worth of domain name. But while I was purchasing it, something very peculiar happened. The internet brought me to a site that had my whole idea already written out and had all these excellent blog posts that dealt with travel to strange and bizarre locations. There were also a plethora unique gifts all organized for me. I won’t go into a lot of detail about what I saw there but, it was all designed and looked as though someone spent a lot of time putting the data on the website.

It was clear that the website was being used sometime in the future and there were so many apps and widgets that I have never seen or used before. There was virtual reality and all I had to do was click on any location on the planet and I could be there in virtual reality, then it had the option to book travel to that area. I couldn’t imagine who wrote the code and attached my domain to that web hosting site. The time came for me to approve the purchase of the web hosting and all of a sudden that web site creation, that was complete started to go scramble up in green letters on a black screen. It looked like the computer letters from the move “The Matrix”. Until next post…

Click here to check it out.

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