Ultimate Guide to Focus

The Ultimate Guide to Focus

This blog post is for people like myself who have quite a few “squirrel” moments. These tips have helped me in many ways to get my focus back in a world full of shiny objects and distractions. You may find yourself being sucked in to these distractions and before you know it your day is gone and your tasks are incomplete. Keep this guide handy when you set out to focus as well as any other comforts that you may already use. You may have it easily accessible so you can refer to it later. Okay I’m going skiing now.

1. Set a metronome for noise– Some noise is known to aid in concentration. It can help keep you in a rhythm. You can also use music for physical activity that requires focus and a clock that ticks if you don’t have a metronome.

Get your metronome here

2. Take care of other people so you won’t be bothered- If you are around people who may require your attention at some point either let them know you are focusing on your tasks and let them know when you will be available. This way you can avoid interruptions.

3. Gather your focus tools- Think ahead of time of any tools you are going to need and get them ready and organized to help you stay fluid in your focus. For some writers and creative people, lighting candles helps, oh… and incense.

4. Focus on keeping your mind focused– Think about yourself focusing on staying focus. You may find yourself talking to your self inside your mind what you need to focus on. “step two, step three…”. You get the message.

5. Think about why you are focusing– If you are focusing at work, obviously you are kind of focused on a paycheck. Let that snap you back into reality when you find yourself drifting off in a daydream. If it is something else you are focusing on, like losing weight, or working out, let that guide you back into focusing on the task at hand.

6. Focus on doing more- Focus on doing more focusing on the things you want to manifest in your life. When you find the end of your task or shift that you are focusing on, focus on going a step or two further, and focus on how you can make it better. Focusing on a few more repetitions of aerobics, or violin practice can make a huge impact on focus results. Keep focusing on results.

7. Force focus- Focus is work. It is not a meditation where you let thoughts come and go. It would be nice if we could show up for work and meditate and our work will be done. Not saying meditation isn’t a useful practice. Focus i something you actually have to work on. When your brain naturally wants to get off work, and go do whatever, like write blogs, you have to stay focused.

8. Turn off phone notifications– This is a very bad thing for focus in this day and age. People are so connected that they don’t focus on what is right in front of them. Let people know that you will have your alerts off for a while. If you have a good enough phone you can set up for only certain notifications for people who you need to be in touch with. And don’t forget social media distractions.

9. Prioritize what you focus on- Let’s face it sometimes life requires multi-focusing. It is complicated so you have to prioritize your focus. Focus on the most important subject you need focus on first, and and come up with a thought triage of what subject order you will focus on. What may seem important one minute may not be so important the next. Write a focus list on a notepad in that order and focus away.

10. Focus on your true life purpose- Last but not least, this one should have been number one. But congratulations if you made it this far down the list. Focus on what you want to manifest in your life and believe it will happen. Do not give up and keep focusing. If you don’t know what your life purpose is, you are not alone. Make a focus on finding your life purpose. … And keep it up beat!

I hope this list helps. I know some of these things are self explanatory, but sometimes a list is needed for a quick reference. Please feel free to share ideas that work for you.

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