Bigfoot Sighting in Eastern Oklahoma Leads to Witches in the Woods

Bigfoot Sighting in Eastern Oklahoma Leads to Witches in the Woods

Let Bigfoot Know You Believe!

Local fisherman we’ll call “George” was fishing off the bottom of the dam spillway at Wister Lake, located in Eastern Oklahoma, when he caught a glimpse of what might have been the legendary Sasquatch that has been sighted in the area before. Just around 10PM he was fishing and by the light of his lantern and the waxing moon, he saw what appeared to be about a nine to ten foot tall humanoid figure slowly creep across the bank on the other side of where he was fishing. When the creature saw that “George” noticed the it, it darted off in an uncanny rapid pace to the woods just east of the dam area. “I swear it’s god’s honest truth, those things exist.” said George as he described his encounter. He went on to say the creature ran upright “like a bolt of lightning through the trees. I just lost sight sight of it.”.

The story just got even more strange, and George went on to say he always carries some kind of “protection” everywhere he goes, so he decided to try to follow the creatures steps. He utilized a flashlight to follow a hog trail further in the woods and this is where his story took an even more bizarre twist. In the distance he noticed a strange orange light in the trees. He had heard from other Bigfoot stories that the creatures could be related to UFO encounters. George decided to investigate further even though he said “the thing is still out there” and he just wanted to try to capture some footage on his smart phone.

Screenshot from 2017-08-04 03-46-50

As he got closer to the glowing light, George saw that the source was actually a large camp fire with a group of women and men dancing naked, however some were dressed in long black cloaks. He decided that he was not going to stick around to risk getting caught so he did not get any footage of this. George left the scene with an uneasy feeling like he was “being watched” as he crept away back to his fishing spot. When he got back to the spot where he was fishing, he gathered his belongings and took off for home.

When George calmed down enough to call the authorities, he did so and the dispatch advised him that they are aware of the “group” in the woods and could not elaborate more about the details of the obvious ritual they were doing there. George went on to state that he told the dispatcher about the creature and the dispatcher told him that all they can do is have an officer investigate it, and that they “have had calls like this before.”.

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