I Forgot My Dream Again!

    I don’t know what it is about dreams that make us forget them shortly after we wake up. There are some dreams that have stuck with me but nowadays I remember having dreams that were worth remembering, and I am cognizant that it is a dream and tell myself that I will remember it. … and I didn’t. In my youth it was much easier to remember them.

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    These days, I wonder what the point was to have such an elaborate dream, only to be swept under the rug of oblivion. Here are some ways to remember dreams that I will try. I know if I just remember my dreams and write about them it would be worth it. Here’s some interesting info floating around out there about recalling dreams.


{This had some useful information that I didn’t think about, especially the no-alcohol thing. I have enjoyed some wine before snuggling into bed.}


{This one had a lot of the same information as the previous one, and is kind of a long read, but I thought what it contains is interesting and probably useful.}

There are also some “supplements” out there for dreaming. I haven’t tried them and I don’t know if that would even be a good idea. But they are supposed to make you have more lucid dreams.

I have had dreams where I was able to go to strange and familiar places and see what appeared to be reality. In some instances I was able to remember in detail back then. In later articles we will discuss astral projection and taking vacations while leaving our physical bodies behind if you will. Stay tuned.

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