Tornado in Tulsa!

Tornado in Tulsa!

Stay Away from Windows!


Tornadoes can appear suddenly as Tulsa found out last Sunday, August 6th. While the city was enjoying a night on the town in the wee hours around 1:30AM an F2 tornado dropped out of the sky and damaged buildings, property, and injured over 20 people. There was some chagrin over the tornado sirens not going off.

There were some people who were brave enough to capture the moments right before the tornado hit on cell phone camera. See the link below.

I happened to be working that weekend and I was listening to the police scanner behind some music at work. I also have the weather alerts set up to go off with a push alert if there is sever weather in the area. Well, The push alerts were stating that there is a severe thunderstorm warning. I heard over the scanner that there was debris at 41st and Yale in Tulsa. That is too close to my house so I called my family and let them know. Luckily after all was said an done the tornado was actually less than a mile from our house and we had no significant damage. Just a few branches from trees.

It was concerning to a lot of people that the tornado sirens didn’t go off. The reason for them not going off from the NWS was that they were just about to issue the official warning to sound the sirens that conditions were favorable for tornadoes. So it was effective in alerting the people who were in the path the rest of the way.

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