Inspirational Technology


This is going to be an inspirational post about tying technology and art together, as well as using old Hifi stereo consoles as an all in one entertainment/ work center. The old Victrola seen in this post will be refinished using Unicorn Spit and and inside will be a fully functional entertainment center and PC.


When I gutted the inside wiring and components from the Hifi console, I saved all of it. I noticed that there was plenty of room inside the console to add other components. So I am only using the old wood and hinges for this project. This is kind of an on going process so I will be posting more pictures and possibly some more video as we go on further into the project.

Somewhere I have some pictures of what the Victrola looked like before I stripped it down. I will post them as well as soon as I find them.

I will be installing high quality audio and computer parts inside the console for maximum performance.

Below are pictures of the console after I gutted all the insides out:


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