KRACKATTACK!!! (Is Your Data Encrypted)


On the keyboard stroking the keys! Opening the crypt of your soul.

How far will the mad man go? Hit men precision, secrecy, fake accidents, or torturing.

He stalks you as prey. Hiding in the shrubbery of your gadgets and devices. Disguises are abound. Pizza man. Preacher. Could be the mistress… or the teacher. How far will the mad man go?

You think you are alone. You are not. You can feel his breath in your network, as he opens your sanctuary. Exposing the contents of your mind and personal information. The rare treasures of your life, and the skeletons you hide. They are now his to do as he will… in the dark room. The glare of the screen in his psychotic eyes. You are alone, and he’s activated the camera on your phone.

Install and use Norton WiFi Privacy before connecting to any Wi-Fi network. Buy now!

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