Picks of the Week


Hello this post is about different treasures, web sites, programs, etc. that are picked to be worthy. I use them and feel like they are pretty good picks. Here we go:

  1. IBOTTA APP– This is a great app that allows you to get paid for shopping where you were going to shop anyway. Mostly major retailers. You can save money on things like groceries and other items you were going to buy anyway. You get to install it by going into your Google Play store in Android, or you can also use this app with Apple iPhone. It’s really easy to set up using a Pay Pal account. Please use my referral if you do sign up: vlljfgp  Get it here!
  2. VLC Media Player– (For capturing your computer screen activities.) I use this to record my computer screen as I do things on my computer. It has a lot of different features and it’s very user friendly. Eventually I will put a video up that demonstrates this program. This program could be used as a presentation for a class, or pretty much anything you can do on a computer. It’s also a great way to play video in many different codices that it supports.
  3. Apache Open Office– For people who don’t have Microsoft Office software, you can use pretty much everything Office has in the Open Office system. You can even convert Microsoft Word and Excel documents as well as export documents to PDF and lots of other functions, without the Adobe Acrobat program.
  4. Arealme (online quizzes)- Sometimes you need a change of pace and just want to have fun online, or if you are wanting to post something fun in your Facebook account. Some of these quizzes are helpful. They have IQ quizzes and even how to determine what kind of animal you are. You can even find out what Marvel Comics character you are.
  5. Honey App– (online shopping)- If you are like me, you shop online a lot! You need to get the best offers for everything you can. Honey automatically finds offers and applies them to your purchases so you don’t have to scroll through offers and take time away from your day Honey makes it all easy and saves you a pretty good chunk of change.

Thanks for visiting and please enjoy the picks for this week. Keep coming back if you find this interesting and like what you see.

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