Soul on Fire

Soul on Fire: The Life and Music of Peter Steele

Author: Jeff Wagner

Publisher: FYI Press Greensboro, NC 2014

ISBN 978-1-934859-45-2

Soul on Fire: The Life and Music of Peter Steele

Soul on Fire: The Life and Music of Peter Steele

This book was written about a man who was taken from this worldly realm too soon. But, as many times before this artist is one who left a “mark” on the metal scene.  This book is a biography of the life of Peter Steele of Type O Negative. If you like the music of Type O Negative, then you know what I’m talking about.

This book tells about how Peter came up in New York as a city park worker and the changes the band has made that led up to what Type O Negative became at the end. It goes on to tell about Peter and his relationships with family members and offers glimpses about his friends and lovers along the path.

The author does a great job about painting the picture in your mind about the early days of Peter in the bands and the clubs he has played at. For those of us who couldn’t live that time in history first hand, he did a great job with creating a palatable substitute. He even provided some sneaky tricks the band used to do that involved smashing equipment on stage. That was one of the fun moments that is etched in my mind.

If you are a metal head you will probably enjoy this book. If you are just interested in metal bands, it is a great read as well. So if you would like to read up on the rumors about Peter, then definitely check out this book. I ordered the Kindle version because the paperback version was sold out from FYE Website.

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