Word Press for All sorts of Things

I am just scratching the surface of all the features and functions inside WordPress. Although my blog is very tangential and not really focused on just one thing, WordPress is a great personal tool for just about anything.

I am putting all kinds of information that I find is useful on here so people can find it (or so I can find it later). It can also be a collection of favorite links for my own start page that I can customize. Or, I could use it every day if I need to. I believe it is worth getting your own URL WWW name and paying for the hosting. You never know what this site will turn into. Might just turn into a “Jar of Treasures”.  I’ll take some screenshots:

Screenshot from 2017-11-17 14-26-44

Here’s a screenshot of how easy it is to use. It’s pretty much like using a word processor and you can also add HTML directly using the HTML tab above. Adding pictures such as this screenshot, is also very simple.

If you want to try your hand at affiliate marketing, you can add your links in pictures, or links to text or both. For example: (lets say I wanted to sell amplifiers on my website)

Screenshot from 2017-11-17 14-37-17

Here we have a Sony Amplifier. I can grab my link from Amazon and paste it in the site and embed it in the picture. For example, if I wanted to put an affiliate link in the text, (Sony Amplifier):

Screenshot from 2017-11-17 14-41-46

In the blue letters in the picture above, I would click that and another box will come up with the link options to copy and paste. You can choose text and image, text, or image only.

For this example, I’m going to get the picture of the amp and put a link in the text (Sony Amplifier). So if I someone clicks on the picture of the little amplifier here, it will take you to the Amazon page with that item on it. I will get commission for the purchase. Or I can do a link in text (Sony Amplifier). Like this.

Anyway have fun! I hope everyone feels awesome.

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