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Eat or you will be eaten. As we go off and do our Thanksgiving holiday to kick off the holiday season, remember to dominate and take it all in for what it is for you. Embrace the love of the season and carry it with your throughout the years. No matter how you spend your holiday or whether you even celebrate the holidays or not, just dominate. Understand whatever Thanksgiving meal you eat is what you should be symbolically thankful for in life. Even the chance to dominate. Be thankful that you create your own mold and even break it if you want to. Dominate everything in your path and engulf it with perfect love and light.

Instruments of domination: (These are what you use as tools to dominate) They are like a pen to a writer, or a musical instrument to a musician. The tools for domination will differ for everyone. We stay busy building ourselves and others, that we do not have time for foolish tactics. This is our greatest tool.

Instruments of domination can be used in combination with other instruments to totally dominate whatever job is at hand. Sometimes instruments of domination are things we have learned in the past and honed, and sharpened over the years. These instruments become building blocks to a grand epic adventure of your life.

Just like Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs suggests, in order to reach the top you have to build the foundation. The tools that you need to do this are sometimes given to you through nurturing from childhood, and sometimes they are not. In some ways that can be a great advantage.

More and more often we see people who complain about privilege yet they do not dominate their own lives enough to rise above the situation. You have to know your situation. You must realize, and accept where you are in your life in order to take the next steps of your journey. Only then you can transform into full on domination and achieve success.

Be thankful for your situations in life and grow. Whether it is poverty, racial prejudice, or physical deformities, you can rise above it.

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you feel awesome.

Quote by Albert Einstein: “Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.”

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