Have You Tried Turning the Dragon Off and Then Back On Again?



It is amazing how a restart can recharge your life and your systems. I recharge my systems by taking a long walk. The other night I walked 6 miles. Last weekend I rode my motorcycle out to the lake and the countryside. Those are just some ways I restart my system (Especially during the holidays with all the food, fun, friends, and family).


The photo above is a pasture that has an out look of the Wichita Mountains and the wind farm there in the distance. This photo was taken near Lake Ellsworth in the Edgewater Park area. The cattle say “hey you human with the two round wheel contraption. Why do you stand and stare at use through the rectangle smart device that captures time?”. Just capturing time.


Twinkle, Twinkle… no that isn’t a star peeking out of the clouds. That’s the waxing moon. Coming up this weekend we have a super moon so be sure and try to get a glimpse of it. The weather should be amazing to get out and enjoy it. Here’s how to view it and where, when… Just go outside and look around.

A super moon will be looking down on us soon. What will Luna see in you? What will you look like on the outside? On the inside? The last full moon of the year 2017. Make it your own.


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