Call to Action: Let Us Sell Your Unwanted Items

Call to action! Submission form. 🙂

Hello! Thanks for coming to Jar of Treasures. I hope this call to action finds you well and safe. If you have read this far then please take a moment and stop reading this and look around you. Do you see anything that you would like to sell, or do you have some kind of services you would like to provide? Does something come to mind that you think may have some value and you just haven’t had the time to sell it or just get it out there? Well look around and send us the information about your items, and services and we will team up and get them sold or shared for you. Please see the info below and fill out any information about it that you can.

Call to Action: What would you like to present?

Choose from the list below:

Do you have an item or service you would like to sell?

Do you need help with something of have some unique service to offer?

Do you have an great advertisement you would like to post?

Do you have some interesting information you would like to share?

Do you have any awesome creative writing, artwork, music, you would like to get out there?

Do you own a coaching blog, vlog, or service and want more visitors and clients?

Do you have any old school books, or fiction, non-fiction books or comic books?

Do you have something you just want to try to give away for free?

Let’s chat about it!

Contact information:

Please send us a message on here, or you may write to

Be sure and include your URL (www.) if you have one, and we can link up!

Follow us on Twitter!



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