People Are Responding! Items for Sale.

Hello everybody! We have been busy working and it is cold but we are getting the info out there to the universe! People are posting things for sale! … And we are presenting it to you! Check out the latest items in… The Jar of Treasures!

Seymour Duncan SH6 Bridge and Neck, Like New, full retail lead! cheap!$99 (Austin)


Here we have some awesome

Launched in 1980, the Duncan Distortion is our original high output humbucker. We use a massive ceramic magnet and hot coil windings to deliver full-bodied rock and metal tones with powerful upper mids for extra cut and grind. It’s great for hard-hitting, crunchy rhythms, and the lead tones scream with wild harmonics. It also remains tight with low tunings. The matching Duncan Distortion neck pickup is the perfect partner for complementary lead and rhythm tones, or pair it with a Jazz neck model for a wider range of sounds.

Handcrafted in our Santa Barbara, CA factory, the Duncan Distortion uses a large ceramic bar magnet, nickel silver bottom plate, 4-conductor lead wire for multiple wiring options and is vacuum wax potted for squeal-free performance.

Beautiful Epiphone Les Paul, MIK, Plays like a Dream!Locking Tuners!$260 (Austin)


This guitar is an excellent build out of the Unsung factory in Korea, known for very high-quality craftsmanship and this Les Paul shows it, and plays like it too. Very low action and clean.

It was upgraded with a brand new set of Sperzel Locking Tuners.
Epi Probuckers from a 2015 Les Paul Custom Pro installed as well, does all that fancy coil tapping stuff.

Open to trades for effects, synths, other guitars, travel guitar, Korg KP3, groove boxes. A Dean ML, a nice Epiphone SG, Lawn irrigation service, tree service, house cleaning, rack effects, pedal effects, legit non hacked music software.

BlackStar HT Club 50 with TAD Tube Upgrade and Footswitch, Nice!$349 (Austin)


I bought this about a year ago and only used it in the house, the person I bought it from just put in a TAD tube upgrade and it sounds awesome! Includes the original footswitch.
I would be willing to trade for a Hughes and Kettner Tubemiester 36 Watt and up, I would add some cash for the right one.

Here’s the specs:

The HT Club 50 offers the same feature set as the HT Club 40 combo in a versatile head format. This two channel head is equally at home in the rehearsal room, studio or club size venue. With the patented ISF control, clean and overdrive channels ranging from ‘classic crunch’ to ‘super saturated lead’ the HT Club 50 head truly is the ultimate amp for the gigging guitarist.

50 Watt valve head
Two footswitchable channels
Enhanced tone controls
Patented Infinite Shape Feature (ISF)
Clean voice switch
Overdrive voice switch
Master volume
Digital reverb with dark/bright switch
Speaker emulated output
Effects loop
2-way footswitch included
Cool vintage styling

327 Double Hump Heads casting 3782461, 300.00 OR MAKE ME AN OFFER


327 Double Hump Heads casting number 3782461, off a 69 Corvette, the heads do not have the accessories holes in them but Summit Racing has them for 70.00, part number is
(ICT Billet Alternator/Power Steering Relocation Bracket Kits 551576), also have a Summit Racing Valve Spring Kit too. Heads and Valve Spring Kit 300.00 OR MAKE ME AN OFFER, Call or text 580 350 9135 or message me.


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