Valentine’s Day / Tax Time Let’s Pretend …

Valentines Day is almost here and Tax filing time already is! Why not go out and get a steak and shrimp dinner with your refund. You have worked hard and deserved it and got your tax return…But don’t forget your Valentine!

Out discovering treasures around Tulsa, OK this weekend, we realized, it’s almost Valentines day. We met a nice lady selling these gift baskets. She also makes them customized just for your special someone.  Jollitte’s booth is doing business out of Ashley’s Great American Flea Market in Tulsa.

Jolitte’s Baskets and Handmade Candles- (Any Occasion) Phone Number 816-349-2575- Booth Hours in Tulsa Fri-Sun 10AM-5PM


Do you have a band and want to make some custom merch? Or want/ like to collect buttons of bands and other? Check out this Booth.


Sorry (not sorry) about the hideous picture.


If you have some info/ Advertisement you would like to put into the jar, let us know!

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