Late Night Radio Talk Show Host Art Bell Has Passed Over

I haven’t been on here in a while but last night was a crazy night for the world. The US launched an attack on Syria, and we lost Art Bell. If you’re a night owl like myself, you have probably heard his radio talk shows (Coast to Coast AM, Dark Matter). I have stayed up many nights listening to his shows. They helped time go by while I worked through the nights in many of the night jobs I have held. I guess Art has had a good run in this world. Stay crazy Art. RIP

Art Bell Radio Show

One of the most interesting topics for me are the Shadow People.

Frantic Caller

This was a kind of freaky phone call that Art Bell received one night.

Well who really knows what all is going to happen with the state of the world now, or ever. It seems like April has been a very controversial month. With all the issues going on with facebook and other social network sites and privacy and all that. Things really are moving fast and World War 3 is on the horizon. So much going on in the world. Until next time my friends. Stay safe and keep your eyes in the sky! Get out there and enjoy it while you can.


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