Hello and welcome to the Jar of Treasures! This is an online presence for things to do with restoring, re purposing, decorating the home and garden using unique and re purposed goods.

They may be computers and other electronics, old hi-fi consoles, or any other items that we think are unique or interesting junk. You may also find other off the wall blog posts, or just random ramblings that we find interesting on the web. This site is a continuing work in progress and we welcome your feedback, and ideas if you would like to contribute.

We would also like to ask for any writing contributions that you think would be a good fit for this website. Just write us at the e-mail address below and let us know. We need content very badly right now. This is an on-going thing and this website is on a skeleton crew and budget. Compensation for your posts will be considered.

If you would like to advertise, or contribute information here on Jar of Treasures just send a message to: coffeeshopsurfer@gmail.com

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