Hello and welcome to the Jar of Treasures!

Here’s a site where you can sell items you don’t want or need. Just look around you, you may have something you think you don’t need and maybe someone else can use, or some comic books, nic nacs, antiques, anything that you might have laying around and could be worth something. Here I will be a broker of getting that treasure sold for a small commission.

Also, for all you creative types, you can showcase your work here. Please contact me with some samples of your artwork, or creative writing, and let’s see if we can work together to launch this thing off into 2018 and beyond.

If you would like to advertise, or contribute information here on Jar of Treasures just send a message!

Flower pots, clothes, books, artwork, creative writings, electronics, plants, tools, computers, music, guitars, candles, incense, tutoring services, advertisements, shirts, picture frames, vehicles, pigeons, comic books, boats, vinyl records, drums, CD’s, pots and pans, furniture, pets, paintings, photography, coffee cups, services, swords, video, printers, exercise equipment, aquariums, school books, keyboards, saws, video cards, MP3’s, microphones, recording equipment, cars, graphic novels, wanna sell something? hand made socks, cameras, motorcycles, fish, toys, dishes, bicycles, unicycles, custom designs, tie dye, can you dig it? drills, boots, typewriters, refrigerators, necklaces, toasters, hay, coaching services, trucks, plates, rings, counseling services, text, wrenches, food trucks, music bands, record players, televisions, art supplies, hand made items, fishing poles, see where I’m going with this?